3 health benefits of menopause

3 health benefits of menopause

When menopause is mentioned, the general tendency is to talk about associated disorders, such as the famous hot flashes, or health risks, such as osteoporosis.

Rarely do the positive sides come to the fore.
When this is nevertheless the case, the following are often cited: saying goodbye to monthly periods and their constraints or pains, the end of the need for contraceptive measures and the end of the fear of an unwanted pregnancy.

It is rarer to discuss the health benefits of postmenopausal women.

Three of them have been identified by health professionals1 :

While the latter two affect a very small proportion of the female population, this is not the case for fibroids :

  • endometriosis affects 6 to 10% of women2;
  • as for catamenial migraine, if we stay with the orthodox definition (« occurring exclusively around the time of menstruation »), 7% of women are concerned. Knowing that a third of women prone to migraines (20% of women) also have seizures related to the menstrual cycle3.

But by the age of 45, 70% of women will have developed at least one uterine fibroid4!

For a large majority of women, menopause is therefore, also, a potential contributing factor to the concrete improvement of their health.

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1: source ameli.fr
2: source: msdmanuals.com
3: source INSERM
4: source msdmanuals.com

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