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Menopause : ending the taboo

A new stage for a new life

H3 helps women positively and happily navigate one of the key stages in their life, menopause

What is more exciting than entering a new phase in your life?

Any change is a vector of opportunities but also often a source of anxiety in the face of the unknown. When this fundamental step goes through one of the taboo boxes of our society, being well informed and supported allows you to erase the distressing aspects and sublimate the exciting side.

Let’s break the taboo of menopause

Take control of this new step

get to know and recognize the disorders associated with menopause, to identify the symptoms penalizing your own daily life and be directed towards adequate solutions

90% of women enter menopause between the ages of 45 and 551

80% of women have symptoms in addition to stopping periods2

75% of women have hot flashes1

1: source GEMVI 2: source INSERM

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