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Menopause : ending the taboo

About us

Because the number of centenarians is growing rapidly, in France and around the world:

  • 3,760 in 1990 in France, almost four times more in 2008, more than 26,000 projected for 2021 and more than 140,000 for 20501.
  • 92,000 worldwide in 1990, 255,000 in 2008, 621,000 projected for 2021 and nearly 3.2 million for 20502.

Because women represent more than 70% of these centenarians projected in the world over 2021 (78%) and 2050 (74%)2.

Because 50 years old is the age around which women enter menopause.

Because this natural stage in a woman’s life is still too often seen as a taboo.

Because with 50 potential years ahead, menopause is anything but a dead end:
it is a new step, an opening to a world rich in happy possibilities.

The mission of Happy Half Hundred is to break the taboo of menopause and help women to (re) take control of this stage of their life.

We inform, guide, support women to help them approach this new stage in their life in a happy and positive way.

Annabelle Kom – Founder of Happy Half Hundred

Happy Half Hundred founder Annabelle Kom graduated from an engineering French “grande école” and spent 25 years in the IT industry. She knows first-hand the challenges women face to thrive in an environment where certain themes are taboo.
H3 was born from her strong desire, faced with the proven taboo of menopause, to sublimate the positive potential of which all women are carriers.
To this end, she surrounds herself with selected professionals, in order to offer adequate solutions adapted to the needs of each woman.
With an international background and culture, Annabelle Kom uses her knowledge of English, German and Russian to seek out the best resources for the benefit of H3 clients, including beyond France.

1: source Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques INED
2: source United Nations – Department of Economic and Social Affairs

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