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Menopause : ending the taboo

Initial assessment review

For women who feel they need support but have trouble qualifying which type

  • a personalized assessment of my situation and my symptoms to identify and formalize my priorities in terms of support
  • 45 minutes of guided dialogue*, covering the key aspects of menopause symptoms and their impacts: physical / psychological , personal life / professional life


  • better awareness on a personal level, identification and qualification of 1 to 3 priorities on which I would like to go further
  • my personnal « symptoms & priorities assessment » report.

Price: 49 Euros*

*via ZOOM. Face-to-face meeting possible in Paris (59 Euros)

3 first steps to begin to understand (yourself)

For women who feel the need to understand « what menopause really means » and to reconnect with their own body to better mark the course of this new stage

  • 3 sessions* to discuss the historical and cultural aspects of menopause, typical symptoms, and a first analysis of my own situation, including a “reconnecting body and mind” session with a certified yoga coach**.
  • 45 minutes of guided dialogue to contextualize menopause in general and my own symptoms. Followed by a one-hour « reconnecting body and mind » session to relearn how to listen to yourself. A last closing session allows to finalize my personalized assessment and the construction of my adapted menopause journey.


  • better understanding of my own situation and clarity on the steps to follow
  • my personnal « symptoms & priorities assessment » report.

Price: 159 Euros*

*Via ZOOM . Face-to-face meeting possible in Paris (excluding “reconnecting body and mind”. Price 179 Euros)
**Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance International & certified Hormone Yoga Teacher (Dinah Rodrigues method)

Guidance and support

For women looking for guidance in finding solutions to their priority problems

  • after my « initial assessment review » or my « 3 first steps to begin to understand (yourself) » sessions, H3 performs a set of analysis and research and presents me with avenues to explore to address my priority problems. H3 then helps me choose the appropriate solutions or resources.
  • a first session to suggest avenues to explore in order to address my priority problems. A second elective help appointment after I have studied and pre-selected the solutions discussed together. A follow-up session (exchange, information, support). A closing discussion and review.


  • better understanding of the “menopause phenomenon”
  • better autonomy to overcome associated problems
  • solutions found to priority problems identified.

Price: 239 Euros*

*Via ZOOM (face-to-face possible in Paris, 279 Euros)

Exclusive offer

For any purchase of a « 3 first steps to begin to understand (yourself) » or « guidance and support » package, you may choose one session of Hormone Yoga or Slowlife Yoga for free.

Payment methods

The accepted payment methods are checks, cash, payment by PayPal or bank transfers.
For remote or home appointments, payment must be made before each first session via PayPal or by bank transfer.

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