Why « Happy Half Hundred »?

Why « Happy Half Hundred »?

Because the number of centenarians is growing rapidly, in France and around the world:

  • 3,760 in 1990 in France, almost four times more in 2008, more than 26,000 projected for 2021 and more than 140,000 for 20501.
  • 92,000 worldwide in 1990, 255,000 in 2008, 621,000 projected for 2021 and nearly 3.2 million for 20502.

Because women represent more than 70% of these centenarians projected in the world over 2021 (78%) and 2050 (74%)2.

Because 50 years old is the age around which women enter menopause.

With 50 potential years ahead, menopause is anything but a dead end.    
This is a new step, an opening to a world rich in happy possibilities.

Are you interested in the experiences of women at different stages of their menopause? Would you like a reminder of the physiology of menopause and the main symptoms? Download our free ebook, Menopause Story(ies).

1: source Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques INED
2: source United Nations – Department of Economic and Social Affairs

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Happy Half Hundred

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